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I’m Alex Rainbird (yes, that’s my real name!) and I love indie music! I created alexrainbirdMusic to showcase and spread my love of this underappreciated genre. Read on to find more about me and my passion for indie music!

Alex Rainbird (me!)

Alex (me!)

Who am I?

I am British, currently 22 years old and I live in a tiny seaside village in the UK. This is my platform which I have developed to showcase the best new indie music from the thousands of super-talented independent artists located in all corners of the earth. I do this through my hugely-popular monthly indie compilations, daily posts on the hottest new music and my Spotify playlists. 

How did I get started?

I started to develop a passion for indie music in my mid-teens and I slowly began to realise that none of my friends or family were aware of the awesome, independent bands that I was listening to. I wanted to do something to change that, so in 2011 I created a YouTube channel called alexrainbirdMusic to upload videos of my favourite songs, in an attempt to introduce the artists to a wider audience.

Where did it go from there?

Over the next couple of years, my hobby developed as my uploads became more frequent and people began to subscribe to my channel, though only in small numbers. I wanted to try something new so in late 2013, I put together my first indie music compilation video which instantly became a massive success. I knew I was onto something so I made the compilations a monthly event, each one drawing more and more viewers. Since then, I have released at least one compilation every month!

It all kind of snowballed from there. I began to get email submissions, not only from artists wanted to be featured on alexrainbirdMusic, but from brands and companies as well. This has lead to partnerships with ReverbNation, Reading & Leeds festivals, Anker and many more. 2015 saw one of my videos hit 1 million views for the first time ever, and in 2016 I launched my own website & merchandise store and began to sell my monthly compilations on iTunes and Spotify. Me and my girlfriend Beth also started a vlogging channel to show our lives behind the music.

What’s next?


Alex and Beth

It really has been a crazy, incredible experience so far and I have met so many amazing people along the way. I’ve got a feeling that 2017 will be the biggest year yet for alexrainbirdMusic and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. Helping independent artists to reach the audience that they deserve is my passion and I have hope that it can grow into a full-time career someday soon!

If you are in a band or are an indie label/manager and you’d like to see your music featured on alexrainbirdMusic, just send over an email to I will personally reply to all successful submissions as soon possible!

Also, me and Beth will be in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City at various points in 2017. If you want to meet up, just get in touch and we can sort something out!

Subscriber growth:
Jan 2014 – 1,000 subs
Jan 2015 – 14,000 subs
Jan 2016 – 60,000 subs
Jan 2017 – 159,000 subs




festUPDATE: I’ve now launched a Patreon page to realise the dream of an alexrainbirdMusic Festival! Find it here: You can pledge any amount you want and there are great rewards on there too! Even a small donation would be appreciated greatly, so become a Patron today and let’s make this happen!