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Are you an indie band/artist looking for a way to release your new EP or album? Why not take advantage of the 2.5+ million views that alexrainbirdMusic receives each month by releasing your music on alexrainbirdRecords

alexrainbirdRecords is an indie label launched by alexrainbirdMusic. It allows you to release your music, free of charge, to a worldwide audience of millions of indie music fans. You will have the full support of alexrainbirdMusic behind you, meaning:

  • Worldwide distribution to the major music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play etc).
  • Every song from the EP/album will be included in an alexrainbirdMusic compilation video (which receive between 300,000 and 4 million views).
  • A few songs included in alexrainbirdMusic standalone videos (which receive around 20,000 views).
  • Guaranteed exposure & playlisting on the alexrainbirdMusic Spotify and SoundCloud profiles (more than 12,000 combined followers).
  • Potential features from my network of friends who run leading indie music blogs, websites and YouTube channels.
  • Plus more!

This will introduce your music to millions of people all over the world, who will then go on to buy and stream your music, follow your social pages, buy merch, attend shows etc – without you lifting a finger!

Please contact if you are interested in this opportunity, with ‘alexrainbirdRecords’ included in the subject line and a link to hear your music.

If I think you’re good enough to be the next alexrainbirdRecords artist, I will be in touch shortly…


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