I have only made two indie/chill/electronic playlists before, but both (though particularly the Winter edition) have been very well-received, with viewers often clamouring for more. I don’t listen to or discover much electronic music compared to the pop/folk/rock genres which is why these playlists are not as common, but when I finally get the songs together, I’m always blown away. So welcome to Gentle Dreams, my third indie/chill/playlist and possibly my favourite…

You can find it on

The playlist is designed to relax your mind, refresh your soul and help you sleep no matter what’s in your head. There is SO many new artists here to discover (such as Cattle & Cane, Far Places, Joel Porter etc.) that only three have featured on alexrainbirdMusic in the past; those being MAJIK, Pierre Stemmett and Beach Tiger. Everyone is exceptionally talented though and I’m confident that you’ll have a lot of new favourites here! Let me know what you thoughts in the comments, and have a lovely sleep… 💤


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