One of my finest discoveries in 2015, I helped Cinders to release their debut album last April. Since then, the band have featured on almost every monthly compilation as their CD is so good! Me and girlfriend Beth are even flying out to their home state of Utah in the summer to meet up with them, which will be my first time in the US. Very exciting! Find out more about the fan-favourite five-piece below…


Hey guys! Could you please give me your names, ages and roles in the band for the readers?

Adrian De La Cruz: 22, Bass
Austin Harris: 22, Saxophone, Melodica, Accordion, Keyboard
Brad Bennett: 24, Drums
Jordan Zabriskie: 23, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Montana Smith: 22, Electric Guitar, Vocals


Thanks! To start, can you give me three words to describe Cinders’ music for someone who’s never heard it before?

We had an article written about us recently that answers this question perfectly. “Rowdy-Acoustic-Pop”.


Lovely. Now, if you could tour with any band, who would it be?

Too many to count! Music today is growing in so many directions, there are so many talented awesome bands that we would love to share the stage, and hit the road with. If we had to narrow it down we would probably say The Front Bottoms, The Head and the Heart, Grouplove, or twenty one pilots. They all have an energy that we can relate to.


Good choices, those bands are some of my favourites! Now a tough one: what’s the best thing about being in Cinders, and the hardest thing?

The best thing about being in Cinders is the friendship. Without this band we would not be the 5 friends that we are. We have seriously become like family. Not only within the 5 of us, we have made so many friends touring, gigging, and writing with other musicians. We also love the crowds. Our fans are awesome! To see them jump, dance, and sing as much as we do at a show is incredible. It is an insane feeling seeing a crowd of people yelling the words to a song you have written. We make a lot of sacrifices for the band. Although it is difficult and hard sometimes it isn’t a negative thing. All of the long hours and work that we put in is always rewarded with some kind of success. Whether it be large or small, a win is a win.


I can certainly relate to that. A lot of my audience are massive fans of your band, and are very interested in your music writing process. Could you describe this for us?

It is a group process. Even if there are chief song writers on some songs, the song is not a Cinders song until all 5 of us have put in our part. The coolest part about song writing is seeing an idea come to life. Each member has a huge role in that process. What you hear on the album is all of us putting our very best that we can into each song, while still staying true to our own personal styles of music. Although it may seem like a genre simple enough to label, it is completely new to us and we are extremely happy with how the album turned out!


That sounds very special! I regularly listen to your debut album and every time I fall in love with a different track. It makes it very fun for repeat listening! I was wondering, do you have a favourite song on your album?

It is too hard to pick just one! We all agree that playing Hope You Do live is the best though! The na na’s at the end are always the highlight of the night. For first time listeners we would suggest Hope You Do, Dog Heart, Like a Holiday, and Moody Blues.


Great suggestions. ‘Hope You Do’ is such a classic! Now to round off, what are your plans for the future of Cinders?

Our plans have really been the same since the day we started. Let’s make a career out of what we love doing. Writing and playing music is what we love most in life. We are grateful for the experiences we have already, and hope to be able to do this the rest of our lives.


I hope so too! Finally, any last words?

Alex we love you man! We really couldn’t have made it anywhere without you. You have been a huge supporter of our music and an awesome friend. To all those who found us on alexrainbirdMusic thank you for your support and for sharing our music! This has been an amazing year and we can’t wait for the exciting things we have planned for the future!


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