East Love have been an alexrainbirdMusic mainstay since September 2015 where they featured on that month’s playlist with the song ‘Straight Lines’, which cemented them as a fan-favourite. The band returned to the channel several more times in early 2016, but then went quiet for what felt like a looooong time. So it was a relief and an absolute delight to hear from them again a few months ago with some new music! The acoustic-pop band from New York’s East Village are better than ever with two singles released recently (which you’ll have heard in my recent videos!) and plenty more to come. Find out more about this talented band below…


Hi there! What is your name, age and role in East Love?

My name is Rob, I’m 27 years old, and I play guitar and sing (harmonies, sometimes lead) in East Love. Also, since we’re an independent band, I also act as our manager keeping us focused, running our social media, booking shows, planning recording sessions… things like that!


Awesome, you sound very busy then! Three words to describe your sound for someone who’s never heard it before?

Warm, acoustic, familiar.


Lovely stuff. Could you please give us a brief history of the band. What inspired you all to make music together?

I’ll do my best to keep it “brief” because our history as a band is anything but brief! Lukas (our lead singer) and I started playing music together in middle school. He’s actually the one who first convinced me to start singing (I believe “Nowhere Man” by The Beatles was the first song we sang together). We started writing and recording simple stuff on Garage Band, and even played some acoustic shows at old age homes and rehabilitation centers for community service. Then, in high school, we started playing with Alex G. and Matt (who was our beatboxer). We wrote and recorded a 4 or 5 songs with Lukas’s cousin under the name “Senior Project” – that’s how we spent the last few months of our senior year in high school, and it was one of the more memorable times in my life.

Then fast forward, I met Alex U. in college. He lived down the hall from me in Freshman year, had hair down to his shoulders, and eventually asked me to join his band as the singer. We played together in a band called Red Giants – very different from East Love, but a ton of fun and great experience. When we all graduated college and moved to the city, East Love was born. We started by just making cover videos for YouTube, playing a few open bars, but eventually things started to take off. In the matter of a couple years, we got into the studio and recorded our first original music as East Love, we started playing bigger and bigger shows (biggest yet was headlining Brooklyn Bowl for almost 1,000 people), and we’re still moving. Working on new music now and have a show at Highline Ballroom coming up on 4/22 – see you there!! (that’s today for any folks in the NY area!)

East Love

The East Love boys.

You guys have a very colourful history, and it sounds as if everything has been building towards this! So you released your debut EP in 2016 and in the last few months you’ve put out two new singles (‘Left My Love’ and ‘Sweet Arizona’); do you have a favourite song out of these tracks you’ve released so far? Which is the ideal one for readers to check out to best introduce them to your sound?

Our sound is constantly changing and developing. So far, I see at least 2 distinct sides to our sound. One is a more mellow feel driven by an acoustic finger-picked groove, and the other is more upbeat and almost dance-y vibe. From our first EP, ‘Straight Lines’ has to be my favorite, and it falls into the first category. To get a feel of the more energetic side of East Love, check out ‘Sweet Arizona’!


Definitely agreed there! The acoustic, slower stuff was my first experience of your sound so that’s what I gravitate to naturally, but ‘Sweet Arizona’ is such an awesome pop song! You do both styles so well. As you’ve already explained, you have all now been playing together for quite a few years. How do you feel you and your band’s music has evolved since you first began?

If you listen to our music, you’ll quickly see that our songs are filled with lots of 3 part vocal harmonies. I think the main way in which our music has been changing, especially recently, is in terms of developing the vocal complexity of our music. We’re getting better at writing, arranging, and performing interesting and unique vocal parts that play off of each other. Wait until you hear the new songs we’re working on right now – we’re taking our songwriting and vocal arrangements to the next level.


Awesome! It certainly seems that more experience = more complexity in the songwriting. A very exciting direction to be moving in! As of now, what do you feel is your biggest achievement as East Love?

I recently did the math, and across Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube – we now have over 1 million streams. To be honest, that blew my mind! Feels like a pretty big achievement. On the way to 10 million 🙂


Woah! Congrats, that’s amazing! I see both of your new songs now have 100k streams between them, which is incredible. It seems 2017 is going to be a huge year for you guys; what are your plans for the rest of it?

I think it really comes down to two words: new music. As I said, we’ve been constantly writing and recording new and better songs. Right now, we have released 2 songs in 2017 (Sweet Arizona and Left My Love). We have 1 more that’s almost ready, and another 4 that are ready to be recorded. It takes time, but over the course of the year we will be slowly but surely recording them and releasing them to the world. We have our next big show on 4/22 at Highline Ballroom, but we also hope to continue performing consistently throughout the rest of the year. Maybe a few festivals this summer – those are always a ton of fun.


Well I’m officially hyped!! Those new tracks will definitely be getting some press across my channel when they come out. Finally, any last words?



Will do! Thanks Rob and East Love!


Find East Love on
Official website: http://www.eastlovemusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eastloveband/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0xGSNh06Su9UthAz4o1cvM



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