Dick Pettersson, otherwise known as Francis Moon, is a Swedish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has also had four of his songs featured on alexrainbirdMusic, becoming a friend in the process! Listen to his track ‘All You Need’ above, before reading on to find out more about Francis Moon…


What’s your name, age and role in Francis Moon?

My name is Dick Pettersson, 29 years old, born in Sweden but currently living in the Netherlands since a few years back. I’m the only member of Francis Moon, which means I play all the instruments, do all the artwork myself as well as videos. Sometimes I actually think I´m insane doing it all. But sometimes you got to learn the hard way, although I ask for help as much as I can from great creative people that I have the privilege to have around me. I have played in some bands before, such as “In these woods” (fugazi-like indie) and the great “I used to be a sparrow” with a dear Italian friend who I met on a gig in my old city Västerås. Playing in a band with another person usually gave me a lot of comfort and security. If people did not like the songs, the pain was shared. Now when it´s only me, it can sometimes be terrifying and confronting. BUT great fun too. It really helps me to grow as an artist and person.


What an incredible answer! I see what you mean about being a solo artist, it sounds like a very challenging but rewarding experience. Now for a simpler question: give me three words to describe Francis Moon’s music for someone who’s never heard it before?



I’d say that sums it up pretty accurately. If you could tour with any band, who would it be?

Woah, that’s a tough one.
For the moment I would say… Turnover. Recently discovered the band and their new record “Peripheral Vision”. Totally love it. I think our music would fit perfectly well together on tour.
So Turnover, if you are reading this, contact me!


I hope they are! Make it happen guys! So, I was interested (and I’m sure many readers are) on the the background on the name ‘Francis Moon’ – why did you go with that?

I think it goes back to the fact that my name is Dick. I was picked on a lot when I was younger (kids can be really mean) and felt really bad about for a long time. But over time I kind of just said, “fuck it” and became pretty immune to all those things. But subconsciously I think that I wanted to give myself a different persona. Francis has been with me for quite some time and I can´t really remember where I first got it from. I guess I always liked the name Francis and Moon is because I’m a modern daydreamer.  I like when music take me to places, so Moon resembles my dreamy feel very well!


Sucks that you were picked, but I love that. I’m thinking ‘Modern Daydreamer’ could be a potential next album title… haha!  I ask all artists this next question -could you describe your song writing process? Do you write the lyrics before the music?

I would say that 95% of all the times I make the music first. It can start from a simple riff, sample, drum fill or whatever it might be that gets the vibe going.
I love getting inspiration from photographs. I usually have a few photos that I put up in the studio that represents that state of mind I am in at the moment when I want to write something. They are there to inspire me and help me in the creative process. It was something that I tried for the first time for the “Onwards” album and it really worked out for me! Last piece of the puzzle are the lyrics for me. They have to take the music further and deeper and wrap it all up. I always try to write the lyrics in one go, which can be anything from 10 minutes to 1 hour. In order to contain the feeling if something really works out.

Photographs, wow. That’s a really cool way to write music! Speaking of your album Onwards, do you have a favourite song from it?

I wrote the songs during one year (during different seasons) in three different countries, Sweden, the Netherlands and France so they all represent different good/bad/weird moments of my life. I´m really proud and happy with them all but since “Dreams” was the first song I wrote for Francis Moon, as well as the record, I have to go with that one. That song started this whole thing.

That’s the first song of yours I featured on alexrainbirdMusic too! Readers, definitely check it out! To conclude, what are your plans for the future of Francis Moon?

I´m planning to play a lot of shows in the winter, both acoustic and with a full band. Dates TBA. Very excited for it at least, that’s for sure!  Furthermore, I´ve shot some videos that hopefully will be released in the near future.

Finally, any last words?

Which song on “Onwards” is your favourite?

My personal favourite is ‘All You Need’ followed closely by ‘Dreams’. Listen to Onwards at https://open.spotify.com/album/6701w6NGTUKLrYOEp3JwXL and let me know which track(s) are your favourites! 


Find Francis Moon on

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FrancisMoonMusic/

Bandcamp: http://francismoonmusic.bandcamp.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/francismoon

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