If anyone asked me which band had the most buzz around them right now, I’d very likely name Dallas natives Northern National. The Texas alt-rockers seem to be surrounded by consistent air of excitement – regular press features, huge tour announcements, a great social media presence and die-hard fan support keep them at the tip of my tongue most of the time, and for good reason – these guys make amazing music! From recent single ‘MoneyBlind’ to their debut EP which streamed in full on my channel, Northern National consistently kill it and are well on their way to the big time. Discover more about your new favourite rock band below…


Hello there! Could you please give me your name, age and role in Northern National?

Kanne, 26, Lyricist & Keys.


Hey Kanne! Thanks for joining me. To start, could you list three words to describe your sound for readers who’ve never heard it before?

Feel-good indie rock.


Awesome. Please give us a brief history of Northern National. What inspired you all to make music together?

So myself and Rossi started the band a few years back, after going through different members and figuring out our sound we formed the 5-piece in August of 2016, just a month before our debut EP released! Bringing Andrew Supulski (lead guitar), Anthony Comas (Drums), and Dylan Greene (Bass) on and making it an official 5-piece band was the best decision we could’ve made.


It’s amazing that it hasn’t even been a year yet – you guys have already come so far! So as you said, you released your debut EP last year; do you have a favourite song out of these tracks? Which is the ideal one to check out for readers who haven’t heard it yet to best introduce them to your sound?

It’s funny, my personal favorite track is probably ‘Addiction’ or ‘FBFW’ from the musical and lyrical aspect. I think those tracks are the best representation of us as a live band. However, those two tracks are our least listened to on Spotify. We’d encourage anyone wanting to check out the EP to start from the beginning and just listen to all 5 songs! It’s only about 16+ minutes!


I second that – definitely give it a listen, reader! Now let’s talk new single ‘MoneyBlind’! How did that one come about? Any particular writing inspirations or interesting stories to tell?

So “MoneyBlind” is actually the first official full band co-write that we’ve done. We started out just jamming an electric guitar line at practice one evening and then everything came from there. I had the line “Sea of Gold” in my head for whatever reason and then over the next couple weeks we knocked out the song and really made it what it is now. We even finished writing some lead electric lines and lyrics in the studio during recording! It’s definitely our favourite song to date and we can’t wait to really jump into the studio and record more.

Make sure you listen to the band's new single 'MoneyBlind'

Make sure you listen to the band’s new single ‘MoneyBlind’

Sweet, so it’s the first NN track written by all of you! That’s great. You can definitely hear the progression and mix of influences in the song and that must be why! As for you, which bands/albums are you really into right now?

Oh that’s hard. We are big fans of Catfish and the Bottlemen and on the other end of the spectrum LANY. We also have been digging John Mayer’s new record. We actually have a Spotify playlist we curate every Monday morning called TRAFFIC JAMZ that you can follow to check out the music we are digging that week.


Superb taste! I will make sure to follow that Spotify playlist too. What are your current plans for the future?

Lots and lots and lots of touring and recording! We are going back in the studio end of summer/early fall to record some new tunes – so you can expect some new music to come out end of this year. But we will also be on the road! Come here the songs live and hopefully we can get over to the UK this coming fall!


Oh my goodness a UK tour would be AMAZING! Definitely down for that. To finish, Any last words?

We just want to encourage people to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook at the links below and give our tunes a listen on Spotify. If you dig the new song – don’t be afraid to reach out as we are incredibly responsive via our social. We love talking and getting to know our fans!


Cheers Kanne! Make sure you give the band a listen and if you dig, follow them on the socials below. It’s definitely worth it!


Find Northern National on
Website: www.northernnationalmusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/NorthernNational
Twitter: www.twitter.com/NorthernNatl – @NorthernNatl
Instagram: www.instagram.com/NorthernNational – @NorthernNational
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/77uddrwADVuSI16ASFWF3c

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