If you’ve listened to an alexrainbirdMusic compilations over the last year, chances are that you’ve listened to Only Sun – as well as kicking off this month’s indie/rock/alt compilation, they were featured in my Summer 2016 indie/rock comp (which has over 1 million views!) and the September 2016 edition a few months later. The British indie band have gone from strength to strength and following the release of their second EP on 3rd March, they sit down with me to answer a few questions so you can get to know the boys a little better!


Hi guys! Please list your names, ages and roles in Only Sun.

Euan Bryden, 22, lead vocals

Ed Miguens, 22, rhythm guitar/backing vocals

Daz McManus, 20, lead guitar

Taylor Lacey, 23, bass guitar/backing vocals

Aabid Kanji, 22, drums/backing vocals


Thank you! Can you give me three words to describe your sound for someone who’s never heard it before?

To quote an article from Fierce Panda that mentioned us: “Topically tropical indie-pop”


Loving that description, I’d say that is spot-on! So what inspired you all to make music together?

The majority of us met at school, and have been making music together since we were early teenagers. I guess our desire to avoid actually having to grow up and become real adults, and our complete love for writing and playing music together has meant that we’re still going now. Luckily, it seems there are people out there who are enjoying the music as much as we are.


I can relate to “avoid actually having to grow up and become real adults” haha! Good stuff. What do you feel is your biggest achievement so far as Only Sun?

Each little step we make always feels like a huge success. I remember how amazing we all felt when our first track broke 1,000 listens on Spotify haha. Recently though, selling out our show in Portsmouth whilst on tour, a town that’s 100 miles from where we live, felt massive for us.


That’s awesome! I can confidently say that you have tons of fans a lot further afield than Portsmouth, my worldwide audience absolutely love you! There are plenty more achievements like that to come, for sure. Now your new EP released earlier this month, are there any tracks that you are particularly excited about or especially proud of?

Track 3, ‘Sacred Place’, is the big surprise of the EP for us. We went into pre-production thinking it wasn’t even in contention to make it onto the EP, but we worked long and hard on it with the genius that is our producer (Sam Winfield), and now it’s definitely one of our favourites, and one of the ones we’re most proud of.

Only Sun EP

The band’s new Late To The Party EP released a few weeks ago.

That hard work paid off for sure, it’s one of my favourites from the EP (and is a nice change of pace too!). You’ve been playing together for a few years now. How do you feel you and your band’s music has evolved since you first began?

The biggest thing that’s changed is the amount of time and effort that goes into the songs to make them the best we can. Whether that’s during the writing process,  pre-production with our producer, or in the studio whilst recording, we put in much more time now than we used to at the start, and we hope it’s paying off haha.


It certainly is – over the 12 months that I’ve known about your band, your music has got better and better! So what are your plans for the rest of 2017?

Now that the EP has been released, we’ll spend the next few months promoting it with shows around the country, and with the second single due to come out at the end of April, accompanied with a video we’ve already started working on. Over summer we’ll hopefully be lucky enough to play at a few festivals, and we’re also planning to release a single or two over that period as well, so watch this space!


Will do! Any last words?

Shout out Kero Kero Bonito x


Thanks guys!!


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