I can always count on Simcoe. Every song they put out is stellar and when I upload their music to my channel, people fall in love with it! First with their debut EP back in 2015 (seriously, check out ‘Lost’ and ‘Afterglow’) to the impeccable single ‘London’ last year, the Canadian indie-rockers just cannot go wrong. They have also become great friends in the process! Though currently working on a new album, frontman Bobby kindly took time out to sit down for an interview. Read his responses below and discover more about this hugely promising band…


Hello! Just so everyone knows, what is your name, age and role in Simcoe?

Bobby Houston, 26, lead singer and songwriter


Thanks for doing this with me Bobby! To start could you please give me three words to describe your band’s sound for someone who’s never heard it before?

Airy, anthemic, indie


I’d say that sums it up nicely (plus ‘airy’ is such an apt and beautiful word)! Now give us a brief history of the band. What inspired you all to make music together?

Our lead guitarist Mike Barford and I had gone to high school together and played in some largely cover based bands. We went off to the same University where, in our dorm, we met Julian by chance, as he was on our floor. Only after graduating and getting our brings in the “working world” we all were pining for an outlet beyond the norm. With a heavy focus on creating our own songs, we began playing in bars around Toronto. We added our talented drummer and bassist, which formed the band, shortly afterwards. As good friends, we were always on the same page where music provided the outlet from the day-to-day. As a result of this mutual appreciation for music, our focused creative energies inspired everything that has happened since we started on this journey.


Awesome stuff. It sounds like a really natural progression which is really important. So as I said above, you released your debut EP in 2015 and last year put out the awesome ‘London’ as a single; do you have a favourite song out of these tracks you’ve released so far? Which is the ideal one for readers to check out to best introduce them to your sound?

I think the tracks reflect the evolution of our sounds. Whether it is the EP or London, the songs represent where we were at those times in our lives. For that reason, I have a special place for all of them. With that disclaimer, I would absolutely suggest London as the ideal one to listen to. It’s a big, anthemic song that packs in all the energy we try to carry into our live shows.


Simcoe doing what they do best.

YES! Reader: make sure you listen to ‘London’ above while reading! I hear you’re working on some music too! How’s that going? Any particular inspirations for your songwriting this time around?

We are! We are a few weeks away from a full LP release and we’re very excited to have that out. Following the release of London, we dove back into the studio to put together a cohesive piece of work that would reflect the band at this time. We are a band of people in their 20s, so there is always a wide range of inspirations to pull from. The older I am getting the more I am recognizing how things that were once certain are no longer and things that are not certain are to be explored. Take from that what you will.


Ooh that sounds very exciting. Can’t wait! You’ve now been playing together for a few years now. How do you feel you and your band’s music has evolved since you first began?

When we started out, the style was primarily folksy, acoustic and lyrically heavy. Over time, we continued to hone our song writing and integrate our interest in folk music into larger band oriented pieces. Through experimenting with different effect pedals and guitar tones and by bringing in a ton of new synthetic sounds, the tracks that originated with folksy roots grew into the tighter more electronic songs we now create.


Love it. Though I DO love that folksy acoustic vibe though haha. Maybe a b-side on the new record?! So besides releasing new music, what are your other plans for the rest of 2017?

It has been a great and exciting year so far but the release will just be the start for us. We have been excited to release this for quite some time, so I look forward to promoting this to any lovely people who would listen and see what happens! Fingers crossed but hopefully it will be a perfect catalyst for getting back to the studio later this year.


Awesome! I will be there to help you guys out the whole way. Finally, any last words?

Thank you, Alex! You found us in the early days and we have really appreciated all the support from you and your followers.

Here’s to a great 2017 and beyond for all.




Aww it’s my pleasure Bobby, you fully deserve it! Keep me posted on that album – it’s definitely one of my most-anticipated releases of the year. Thanks for doing the interview and I’ll let you get back to work!


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