The first (and currently only) Lithuanian band on my channel, my viewers were first introduced to the dreamy indie rockers last summer in my July 2016 Indie/Rock/Alt compilation, were I featured both ‘Parallel World’ and ‘Take My Hand’. Since then, the band have made multiple arbM appearances and they released their debut album Never Turn The Lights Off back in November. I caught up with Fil from the band a few weeks ago to talk about the formation of Sisters On Wire, the story of their band name and what music he’s into right now – have a read below!


Hi there! Could I please have your name, age and role in Sisters On Wire so the readers know who you are?

My name is Fil, I am 35 and I am guitarist/lyricist in the band.


Thanks Fil! Could you give me three words to describe your band’s sound for someone who’s never heard it before?

Soul dreamy indiepop 🙂


Lovely! Give me a brief history on the band. What inspired you all to make music together?

Well, I know Oleg for about 16 years. I met him in 2001 while I was a student in Vilnius. We both played guitars and, I remember, Oleg was trying himself in sound-engineering. We were great friends but had quite different musical taste.

It was 2003 before I moved to London and Oleg started a career as a producer and audio-engineer. I changed loads of jobs in the UK, received an engineering education and would was pretty settled in London before he sent me the demos of ‘Parallel World’ and ‘Days and Seasons’ just to check these tunes out and tell him what I thought. It was 2011, I guess. He also told me that he wanted to start a band. I really loved the songs and asked him if he needs a guitar player, he said ‘oh, yes, I actually thought of you as our guitarist!!!’

It sounds crazy but I started planning my move from UK back to Lithuania. I really wanted to give it a try and at that time I was swapping a good job a with reasonable salary just to PLAY in my friend’s band in Lithuania:))) No sense? Maybe… But I felt that music still was the only thing I love, I followed my gut feeling and was confident that I’m doing the right thing. So, I moved back in 2014 and we took it from there. That’s where the story of ‘Sisters On Wire’ begins and continues till now 🙂 and till now I don’t have any regrets.


That’s awesome! Thanks for giving me such a detailed history, it’s so cool that you’ve known each other for long! Glad that your decision paid off too, it was definitely the right one as far as I’m concerned haha! Sisters On Wire is a pretty cool band name! How did you decide on that?

It was just a random choice of words, we liked how it sounded and we couldn’t be bothered to check other options 🙂 And that was enough motivation for us to stay with the name.


Haha I appreciate the honesty! I think a lot of band names are just random choices of words sometimes. Now onto your album, Never Turn The Lights Off (which is always playing in my car by the way)… do you have a favourite song from it? Any particular tracks for readers to check out to best introduce them to your sound?

My favourite would be ‘Your Eyes’. Other tracks to check would be ‘Parallel World’, ‘The Believer’, ‘You and I’.

Never Turn The Lights Off

Never Turn The Lights Off by Sisters On Wire

Those are some of my favourites too. Which other bands/albums are you really into right now?

Quite a lot. I always try to listen to new records. Recent albums which I really love and listen more than once would be ANOHNI ‘Hopelessness’, The Invisible ‘Patience’, Phantogram ‘Three’, Vaults ‘Caught in Still Life’ and latest ones from Warpaint, Run the Jewels, Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga. From Lithuanian bands it would be Colours of Bubbles ‘She Is the Darkness’, Wolfsome ‘Origin 412’ and Despotin Fam. It is also a really great and strong album from Polish band Fisz Emade called ‘Drony’. That’s probably the best stuff I heard in 2016.


Thank you! A lot of cool stuff there, plus plenty I’ve never heard of. I’ll make sure to check them out later! What are your current plans for the future?

Recording songs for a new record and rehearsing for summer – fests and gigs. We always keep ourselves busy, we rarely take any breaks. We just enjoy what we do and we always feel excited about new songs and new concerts. I never felt music is a routine, there is always something unexpected there, always a discovery, a leap forward, a future.


Wise words and I totally agree. Looking forward to that new record too! Finally, any last words?

Follow your dreams, get rid of doubts and expectations. Peace & Love… P.S. And definitely do give our tunes a listen:)))


Yes definitely do – you can find links to Sisters On Wire’s music below. Thanks for doing the interview Fil! Hope you all enjoyed reading and if there’s an alexrainbirdMusic band that you’d like me to interview, let me know in the comments below!


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