He first featured on my channel in the smash-hit October ’16 indie/pop/folk compilation (which has has over 1.4 million views), and after returning for my January compilation last month,  US indie singer-songwriter Tim Qualls now sits down with me to discuss his new Say You Love Me EP, his music PR company and his baby son Griffin – read on below!


Hi Tim, how’s it going? Tell me a little bit about yourself!

I’m 30. Just had my first kid with my wife. His name is Griffin. Done music my entire life. Been doing music in Houston since around 2009.


That is amazing, so happy for you! Eight years playing music is great too, can you give me three words to describe your sound?

Indie Soul Pop. 🙂


Perfect. Onto touring – if you could tour with any band/artist, who would it be?

Jamie Cullum or John Mayer. Both have been huge influences to me. Jamie on the Piano, and John on the guitar. They are both masters at their instruments, and their song writing is incredible. You can prob hear a blend of those two guys in my music.


I definitely can! Could you describe your songwriting process? Do you write the lyrics before the music?

It truly varies. Sometimes a melody will stick, or a great piano part. I just just slowly put them together as the song needs.  I’ve had tunes and the writing of a song last for years, or a song as simple as my new song ” I Drink” finish in just one sitting.


Wow really? That’s incredible. ‘I Drink’ is one of my favourites from the EP (and it’s featured on my January compilation too). Speaking of songs, do you have a favourite from your new Say You Love Me EP? Any particular tracks for readers to check out to best introduce them to your sound?

I think for me ‘I Drink’ means the most to me lyrically. It’s the most vulnerable I’ve been in my music.  Musically it would be the song ‘Easy to Conquer’. That’s the furthest I’ve stretched myself musically EVER. I’m really pleased with both of those songs and the way they turned our sonically.


Tim Qualls

Nice stuff. To sum up then, what do you feel is your biggest achievement so far?

Music wise? Winning the Best New Artist award for Houston Press Music Awards several years ago. Amazing to be recognized by people who evaluate music as a whole, especially in the 3rd biggest city in the US.
Life wise (and this just happened last month) – the birth of my son Griffin. Simply put, everything makes sense. EVERYTHING. Life, the music, everything.


That is adorable! Kudos on the award too, well done. Onto the future: what are your current plans?

I started a small Music PR company called Champion Music Group in 2016. So continuing to manage that and grow that as a company, but then I have a new EP I am planning to start working on in 2017 with some REALLY incredible songs that I want to get off my chest as soon as possible.


Can’t wait to hear them!! Any last words?

Thanks for what you do. It music fans like YOU, that really give music the opportunity. With everything that the music business scene is now, its truly people like you that keep it alive. So CHEERS and KUDOS to you!


You are too kind, thank you!! It’s my absolute pleasure 😃


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