I had the pleasure of premiering Irish indie-pop/rock band Young Earth’s debut single, ‘Maggie’, on my channel back in May last year, and their second track ‘Bloodlove’ in my September indie/rock/alt compilation. After a few months of writing and recording, the Dublin foursome make their grand return with new song ‘Got A Secret’ (the first of three singles to be released this year), which dropped yesterday. Give it a listen here and while reading my interview with Mark & Ben from Young Earth!


Hey guys! This is actually my first interview with more than one person, so this is pretty cool! Could you both please give your name, age and role in Young Earth?

Mark O’Keeffe, 22. Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter

Ben, 19, sesh master and all round good guy. 


Thank you! I assume Ben will be giving the less serious answers here haha!  What are three words to describe Young Earth’s sound for someone who’s never heard it before?

Eclectic, Energetic, effervescent – Mark

Three words? Dutch Gold cans. – Ben (Alex’s note: Dutch Gold is a brand of Irish beer!)


Beautiful selection of words Mark! And umm, you too Ben! So when did you first know that you wanted to make music?

I knew one night after seeing Arctic Monkeys on Later… with Jools Holland, their first ever performance; my dad got everything he could of theirs off Limewire and something just clicked – Mark


Nice! I love the Arctic Monkeys, so cool that they inspired you. On a similar note, how did you guys decide to make music together?

Well we’ve had a few line-up changes in our first year, but this current one has been really great (With Alex – Guitar and Dylan – Bass). I suppose the thing that inspires us really is playing live and getting the right vibes back off people when your playing your own stuff. We wanna make people have a good time – that’s whats been pushing us forward – Mark


Good stuff Mark, I can certainly imagine that it’s a big motivation! What do you feel is your biggest achievement so far as a band?

There’s a few! We’ve done well in a small time, but we always want to do better. Getting chosen for Ireland’s showcase festival, Hard Working Class Heroes was one – we met some really great people at that. Other things like smaller festivals, blogs, newspapers that we got off the back of demo’s was pretty cool too and our own headline shows – Mark


Very impressive. You’ve only just scratched the surface too, expect a lot more festivals and positive press in the future! You also have some new singles and music videos coming out soon right? Are there any tracks that you are particularly excited about?

Yeah, we’re pretty excited about all of them (should be plugging ‘Got A Secret’ now) but the second, ‘Worth It’, is something we cannot wait to get out there. There’s been an amazing atmosphere whenever we’ve played it and it’s become our set closer. We’re gonna take our time and build up to it until then! -Mark

'Got A Secret' released yesterday and can be streamed above...

‘Got A Secret’ released yesterday and can be streamed above…

Awesome man; ‘Worth It’ is one of my favourites too! Onto other bands now, who are you really into right now?

I go through phases of musical taste, it could be rap/hip hop, some lo-fi noise pop stuff, then something completely different the next month. Right now I’m in a huge indie rock/pop moment – I’ve been trying to learn most of the stuff I’ve been listening to to inform my songwriting style. Really loving Sundara Karma’s debut. Been listening to a lot of Irish artists too, there’s so many amazing bands over here; The Academic, OTHERKIN, The Fresco Future and The Clockworks. Check them out! – Mark

Bitch Falcon, Gambino, Post Malone – Ben


Great selections Mark! I can personally recommend Sundara Karma (they’re great live too!), The Academic and OTHERKIN, I’ll be checking the others out too soon. And, err, yours too Ben! Penultimate question – what are your current plans for the future?

Current plans are to keep pushing these singles, and before the final ones are out, record a few more and bundle them in a nice EP – Mark

To drink get rich or die trying baby – Ben


Perfect answers from both of you! Any last words?

Go listen to ‘Got A Secret’ now on all streaming platforms! – Mark

Stay lit. – Ben


Thanks guys!! 


Find Young Earth on

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Youngearthmusic/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7bgrzwuTXzlT4cAeyBfhKw

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/youngearthmusic/

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