I was lucky enough to be sent a wooden watch recently by the awesome JORD! As well a review of my Dover watch (which can read below), I’m also running a very special giveaway over the next seven days…

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Closing date: May 14th 2017 (next Sunday)
Open internationally!

Good luck to all that enter! There can only be one winner, but I’m also offering an exclusive voucher code for everyone to give you a $25 reduction on any JORD watch – just enter yt104164 at the checkout.

Now onto the review!


REVIEW – JORD Dover series in Koa & Black

So I chose the Dover series watch in Koa & Black, due to the fact it looked really unique and didn’t require a battery – it was completely automatic! It also had transparent parts so you could actually see the cogs turning inside the watch! I’d never seen anything like it before, so knew that it was the one for me.



About a week after ordering, the watch safely arrived in the mail (which is pretty quick considering it came all the way from the US to the UK). Inside the package was a beautiful wooden box (which smelled so good!), emblazoned with the Jord logo. Lifting the lid, I was stunned to see the watch sitting on a cute little hessian cushion, which looked so amazing. After a good few minutes of staring, I finally took the cushion out to find a user guide, some treatment oil to clean the watch and even a little cloth to wipe it! Plus there was a little drawer at the bottom of the box to store the spare watch links and to control the humidity (so the wood doesn’t crack during transport).

It’s safe to say that I’d never received anything so smart, sleek and complete – the packaging is simply beautiful. JORD really have taken a lot of time to make everything perfect and it really shows… I was in love before I’d even tried the watch on!


The Dover watch looked incredibly sophisticated and unique on the JORD website, but was even better in the flesh (or should that be ‘the wood’?). The Koa wood was sturdy and had a lovely tone, which flashed many different shades in the sunlight. The face was mostly black with chunky, easy-to-read numbers and white hour/minute hands which contrasted well. But the centre of the face was easily the main attraction; a transparent circle showing the gears, cogs and various components (I won’t even try to name them!) moving in sync to keep the watch working. Turning the watch around, the back face is also transparent and lets you see into the movements at a different angle. It really is amazing to see the inner workings, and is something that is hard to accurately describe without seeing it in person. But let me tell you, I was very happy with my decision!


Finally, onto actually wearing the watch. I was very happy to find that it was a perfect fit – the good folks at JORD kindly made the Dover to my exact wrist measurements; something I definitely recommend doing as there is no way to adjust the size of the strap on the fly – otherwise you’d have to take the spare links to a specialist. The watch felt secure, light and extremely snug on my wrist (there’s no way it would fly off my arm, or become too tight after long periods of wear). The natural movement of your body also powers the inner mechanisms which keeps it running indefinitely with no need for a battery.



So to sum everything up, I was incredibly happy with my new watch. Everything from the box it came in, the design and how it feels to wear, completely surpassed my expectations. Let’s also not overlook that the watch it almost entirely made from WOOD and looks incredibly cool – you’re guaranteed to receive plenty of compliments from adorning (and likely jealous!) family, friends and passers-by. Don’t forget you can enter the giveaway to WIN your own JORD watch (once again, the link is https://www.jordwatches.com/g/yt104164) and get $25 off anything from the JORD online store with the code above. I’d highly recommend it, especially as a gift for yourself or a loved one! Now back to staring at the cogs in my watch…



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