Acoustic singer-songwriter Marcus Alexander has had a bumper year on my channel! Between January and April, he featured in five of my indie compilations and returned again soon after with the incredible ‘Supernova’ (which you can listen to above). I’m a huge fan of his music so found time a few months back to ask him some questions about his songs, his origins and plans for the future. Stick his music on in the background and give the interview a read!


Hello Marcus! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a 24 years old singer-songwriter from Sweden! I studied music for 3 years in Swedish gymnasium (kinda like 6th form in the UK, specified courses preparing you for different things), piano specifically, been playing since I was about 5 years old, but not classical or anything, more like game music and music I liked. Started singing around 15 when I picked up the guitar, started writing about 3 years ago, before that I’ve just been gathering experiences to actually have something to write about! I lived in Malta for 2.5 years where I also found out what I really wanted to do with life, and moved back to Sweden 2015 to pursue writing and performing, and it’s been going great since!


Awesome man! Sounds like your music is in your blood for sure. What are three words to describe your sound for someone who’s never heard it before?

Simple acoustic poetry.

Marcus Alexander

Marcus Alexander

Perfect. So when did you first know you wanted to make music?

I guess I kind of answered this in the first question, but I wrote my first song in school, like actually finished a song with a thought behind it, but then I wasn’t happy with it so I figured I’d learn more songs and more of life before I started actually writing songs, so I just wrote down tons of notes and ideas until my 21st birthday, where I simply just woke up one day after partying realizing I was tired of the lifestyle I’d been leading, and I started building my artist name on that day!


That is amazing! So inspirational. You’ve released quite a few songs over the last year – many of which have been featured on my channel – but do you have a favourite out of these tracks? Which is the ideal one to check out for readers who haven’t heard it yet to best introduce them to your sound?

I’d say ‘All Again’ is my personal favorite, it’s a bit different from my other songs… it’s sort of a ballad I suppose. When I wrote it everything just fell into place and after writing it, I just feel like I have no idea how I found inspiration or even words to write it, but I am extremely happy with the outcome and the depth/nostalgia of the song. It doesn’t follow the regular writing form (which not a lot of my songs do I suppose) but I think it sounds as much as my deepest thoughts do, as anything I’ll ever write will do… haha!


‘All Again’ is one of my favourites too (and was the first song of yours that I featured)! Super interesting to hear the process behind it, thanks for that. I hear you’re working on some music too! How’s that going? Any particular inspirations for your songwriting this time around?

I actually already wrote all the songs for the album coming up, one of them being one of my kind of “trademark” songs, ‘To The Moon’, which has received much praise from friends and listeners alike, and is also perhaps the most important song that I wrote, since it was the first song I was actually happy with writing, and also the first song I wrote after turning 21. It’s on YouTube right now in a very simple video, and also a version from a jam in Malta with some friends playing along who’ve only heard the song a few times, it’s gonna be exciting as hell. The inspiration for most of the songs are unfortunately girls and the effects they’ve had on me hehe, but hey, at least it turned into some songs!

Bedroom Poetry

Songs from Marcus’s recent Bedroom Poetry EP have been listened to over 5.4 million times on my channel alone!

That is special, I can’t wait for you to release it! And I think most artists write about girls so you’re definitely not alone there 😜 Onto your influences; which bands/albums are you really into right now?

I’m really obsessed with Gregory Alan Isakov really, but of course Coldplay and John Mayer, I do believe John Mayer’s latest releases are among the best songs I’ve ever heard, and even though Coldplay are deep in commercialization, I think Chris Martin manages to keep that poetry going in the lyrics, even though they’ve sacrificed their sound a bit hehe… still love it.


Great choices. Coldplay are possibly my all-time faves (especially their older albums), and although I haven’t listened to much John Mayer, I hear great things. Almost done here – besides releasing new music, what are your plans for the rest of 2017?

I’m going to Malta for a full month to meet with old friends, find new inspiration and meet new friends of course! I usually play at all venues I can get my hands on, and with a growing local reputation, most of my summer is already booked with gigs, while they do not always mean I can play what I want, I think it’s fun to get out and play just as a musician and not an artist.


Hope you have a great time man! Finally, any last words?

Is that a threat?! 😮 Haha no, but really, I truly appreciate all the support I’ve received from listeners and friends, and channels like yours, it has helped more than I can explain, my main goal of writing being reaching people who likes this sort of music and lyrics, and all that support enabling my life’s dream.. It’s hard to explain but yea, it’s just a constant flow of happiness and positive surprises that inspire and gives me energy to keep going without any second thoughts or regrets. The dream of supporting myself through music is around the corner, and that’s just a small part of the big picture dream! Maybe one day I’ll be able to fill a room of people who like my songs.


Aww well on behalf of all channels and promoters, thank YOU for making incredible music that we can easily promote the heck out of! You already have a ton of fans (in my comments sections alone!) and I promise that you’ll be soon filling entire venues, not just rooms. Take care my friend 😃


You can also find Marcus Alexander:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/marcusalx/
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/48b8lNxNj0DY29Sz3ynREH
iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/marcus-alexander/id1080519461?l=en

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