November is just around the corner and as the colder weather begins to creep in, you can rely on my latest indie/pop/folk compilation to keep your cosy and warm! This month’s song selections are like twenty-three toasty little marshmallows – bite-sized bundles of sweet joy to make your ears and soul happy! Have a listen on the below platforms…


Although there’s a high percentage of returning artists from previous artists, a lot of them have been away from my channel from a loooong time (such as Jolé and Polar Bears Can Dance, who are back on arbM after over a year’s absence!). There are of course plenty of new discoveries though, such as the brilliant Didirri, Book On Tape Worm and Edan Laniado, who I think you will soon count among your favourite artists! Please leave a like and share share share to introduce others around the world to this incredible community 😀


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