What is alexrainbirdRecords?

alexrainbirdRecords is an indie record label managed by Alex and Beth from alexrainbirdMusic. It allows you to release your music, free of charge, to a worldwide audience of millions of indie music fans.

What can arbR offer me?

If you're an alexrainbirdRecords artist, you will receive:

  • Worldwide distribution to the major music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music etc).

  • Every song from the EP/album will be included in an alexrainbirdMusic compilation video (which receive between 300,000 and 6 million views).

  • Several songs included in alexrainbirdMusic standalone videos (which receive around 20,000 views).

  • Guaranteed exposure & playlisting on the alexrainbirdMusic Spotify and SoundCloud profiles (more than 25,000 combined followers). 

  • Features on other leading indie music blogs, websites and YouTube channels that we have connections with.

  • Priority over non-label artists, huge support on our social media and two new friends in Alex and Beth!

What have we achieved?

Since creating the label in mid-2017, we already have had the following success...

Clouds And Thorns - EP

  • 460,000 total Spotify streams, including 310k on lead single 'Everything Is Possible Now'

  • 7 million YouTube views on alexrainbirdMusic (plus even more from other channels)


Michael Barrow & The Tourists - Juneau

  • 230,000 total Spotify streams, including 81k on 'Sing Me Something New'

  • 7.5 million YouTube views on alexrainbirdMusic (plus even more from other channels)

juneau - hq.jpg

Clouds And Thorns - Come Say Hello (single)

  • Featured in Spotify's official Lost In The Woods playlist

  • Uploaded to seven different indie promotion channels on YouTube, with over 51,000 combined views 

Come Say hello.Good2.jpg

If you'd like to submit music to alexrainbirdRecords, or would just like some more information, please email alexrainbirdMusic@gmail.com with 'alexrainbirdRecords' in the subject line.

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