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January 2014: 1,000 subs
January 2015: 13,000 subs
January 2016: 60,000 subs
January 2017: 159,000 subs
January 2018: 354,000 subs

Hi, I'm Alex and I live in the UK! I started the alexrainbirdMusic YouTube channel in 2011, in an attempt to introduce the music I liked to a wider audience. I did this as a hobby while at school.

The channel continued to grow in the following years and bands began to submit their music directly to me. I also began to experiment with different ideas, such as compilation videos and monthly iTunes/Spotify releases, which both found instant success.

We currently receive around 4 million video views every month which allows me to run my channel as a full-time job, along with my girlfriend Beth who joined the team in late 2017. Together we've worked with thousands of bands, had 100+ million total views and partnered with Reading Festival, ReverbNation, Anker plus many others. We’ve also started our own record label which you can read about here.

As one of the largest indie music channels in the world, we release three compilation videos per month plus tons of extra content on Spotify & our social pages. Our dream is to make alexrainbirdMusic the #1 place for indie artists to find success and for viewers to discover amazing music.

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Use the form below to submit music to alexrainbirdMusic. We receive a lot of messages so please anticipate a delayed reply! However we do listen to all submissions and will be in touch if we enjoyed your music :)

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I give alexrainbirdMusic permission to use my original song commercially in all YouTube audiovisual content. I warrant that I own and control all rights to the content provided and that the content does not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third parties. If any content ID claims are placed on any alexrainbirdMusic video due to the presence of my song, I will ensure that these are promptly released.

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